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Plant Cell 17: 3007–18. pmid:16227453 11. Riefler M, Novak O, Strnad M, Schmülling T (2006) Arabidopsis cytokinin receptor mutants reveal functions in shoot growth, leaf senescence, seed size, germination, root development, and cytokinin metabolism. Clusters of heterophils and pyknotic nuclei are present at crypt tips. H&E stain. For chickpea, we mapped our RNA-seq data (Singh et al., 2013) on the genome using TopHat (v2.0.6), assembled with Cufflinks (v2.1.1), and merged with Cuffmerge to estimate read count in FPKM. For soybean, normalized gene expression data (RPKM) was downloaded from SoySeq. There’s a bewildering array of icons, whose features are thankfully available on those ubiquitous pull-down menus. I simply don’t have the room to cover all the features of WinSleuth.

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