Шаблон фотошоп 20 человек

Note when using an image to fill the entire page, make sure it is 300 DPI or higher and you set the image as the background so that your image will «bleed» off of both edges of the page. The 30px square, for example, is frequently used as a spacer between columns. And more importantly, it makes you think about the big picture and design with consistency — a necessity when you’re working on a large site. I organize it into folders so I can fit more into a monitor-sized document, then turn the visibility on and off as needed. Templates can be opened directly inside Adobe Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC, so you’ll always have your favorite creative tools at hand. To get started in Photoshop CC, download this free template and save it to your CC Libraries or desktop. The techniques I outline here can be a big time-saver when you’re tasked with producing 10 or 20 Photoshop comps, but they are beneficial for smaller sites too.

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